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The Secret Garden

Sweet and sticky Sambal chicken with black for bidden rice black garlic and miso green beans
Indulge in “The Secret Garden,” a culinary masterpiece honoring exotic East flavors. Our succulent Sambal chicken, marinated in fiery chillies, tangy tamarind, and sweet palm sugar, tantalizes with its perfect caramelized finish. Accompanying this is the rare Black Forbidden Rice, boasting a delicate nutty flavor and inky-black color, rich in minerals and antioxidants. The Miso Green Beans, flash-sauteed in a delicate miso paste, offer a perfect balance to the robust main course. Completing this journey is the mysterious Black Garlic, with sweet balsamic undertones from weeks of fermentation, bringing a complex richness to the dish. “The Secret Garden” – a decadent gastronomic experience you can’t resist.

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